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August 22, 2013
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Sherlock whirled just in time to see someone plunge a knife into his stomach. Sherlock froze and looked down at the bloodied dagger that was embedded into his abdomen. The attacker twisted the blade and Sherlock cried out.

“Got ya.” His attacker grinned but Sherlock - despite blood filling his mouth- managed to spit out

“I think I might have you.” he smiled as there was a click of a gun and looked at John who held the attacker to gun point.

“Bad Move.” John snarled. Sherlock’s attacker yanked the knife out of Sherlock and whirled to John, who –without hesitation- pulled the trigger. The man fell to the floor. “And stay down you bastard.” John heard Sherlock slump to the floor and groan

“Sherlock!” he yelled and rushed to his friend’s side “Are you alright?”

“’M not doin’ to well…” Sherlock slurred, his deep baritone voice was now weak and strangled. John gently rested his friend on the ground

“Oh God…” John breathed as he looked at the blood on his hands and then at the blood draining into the nearby gutter. John got a handkerchief out of his pocket and pressed it to Sherlock’s wound, Sherlock whimpered. John let go and stood up, he took out his phone and called the ambulance, he looked back at the Detective as it started ringing “Sherlock, don’t move. I need to call an ambulance.”

“Hello Ambulance Ser-”

“Emergency.” John interrupted “My friend has been stabbed in the stomach and is bleeding heavily. The Address is Longridge Avenue.”

“An Ambulance will be there in 5 minutes.”

“Thank you.” John walked next to Sherlock and removed his scarf and placed it under his head.

“Is that better?” John asked

“I’m freezing, John…” Sherlock whispered. John took off his jacket and draped it around Sherlock

“Sherlock, look at me.”

“It’s hard not to.” John smiled

“Do not close your eyes alright?”


“Because if you do…” John trailed off. He didn’t want to think about that. “Just don’t OK? For me?”



“It hurts.”

“I know Sherlock. Just, hang on” Sherlock chuckled

“I never expected that this was how I would die. In a gutter, alone.”

“Don’t say that Sherlock! You are going to survive this. Don’t you dare die on me. I’ve seen enough friends die in Afghanistan. I’m not losing you. And you will never be alone, you hear me?”

“Why do you care so much?” John surprised with Sherlock’s remark

“Because your my friend, Sherlock. And I care about you more than anyone else.”

“I care about you to.” Sherlock smiled and John laughed

“I’ll be right back.” John ran to the alley’s entrance and looked out for the Ambulance

He saw no sight of them and turned back as Sherlock cried out and screwed his eyes shut.

“AGH! John!” John sprinted to Sherlock’s side and kneeled by him

“Shush, Sherlock! I’m here!”

“I’m scared.” Sherlock wheezed “I’m so scared.” John felt sorry for Sherlock as he sounded like a terrified child

“Hush, I’m not leaving you Sherlock.”

“I’m so cold…” John lifted Sherlock’s head so it rested on his knee. He held Sherlock close in an attempt to share warmth

“Is that better?”

“Yeah… But it feels weird.”

“Have you never hugged anyone before?”


“Well, there’s a first time for everything.”

Sherlock was growing paler by the minute; he was losing a lot of blood. Most of which had been absorbed by John’s jumper. Sherlock groaned and leaned upwards to see the man

“Stay still, Sherlock!” John hissed

“Is he dead?”

“Yes Sherlock, he’s dead.”

“OK.” Sherlock relaxed and they were quiet for a few seconds

“You saved me.” Sherlock said

“I did.”


“Because the man hurt you.” Sherlock smiled

“You know what I’m gonna miss when I die?”

“Don’t say that!” John snapped but Sherlock continued on

“Speaking to you.” John felt tears sting his eyes “It was always fun with you, My Blogger.”

“Yeah? Well, we’re going to have a lot more talks after this. You’ll see.” John’s heart jumped to his throat. “We’ll solve a lot more cases and we’ll chase killers, you like that don’t you?” Sherlock’s eyes dropped

“Oh no you bloody don’t!” John shook Sherlock “Hey! Stay with me!”

“Wh’t, Jawn? Can’t you see ’m trying to sleep?”

“When we get back to the flat you can sleep all you want. I’ll let you shoot the wall and I’ll make you tea.”

“That sounds nice.”

“Yeah.” Ambulance sirens screamed through the night and John looked up

“HERE!” he screamed “OVER HERE!” The Ambulance stopped and medics came out with a stretcher. Sherlock was prised away from John’s grip and loaded into the ambulance. They allowed John to scramble in and they were off to the hospital.

John listened worriedly to the heart monitor there was a constant Beep for every beat of Sherlock’s heart








John screamed

Sherlock is hurt and John is there to comfort him. Warning for Angst!

Sherlock- Stay Awake:…

Sherlock: Shut Up Freak:…
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